Thatching Weltevreden

Thatching Weltevreden, installations and repairs!

At Thatching Weltevreden we are dedicated to providing you with one of the most popular roofing options in Weltevreden  for its durability and ability to protect buildings from bad weather, low maintenance fees and offered at the lowest prices to suit any homeowners financial status! Thatching in Weltevreden have over 30 years in the thatching industry and our experts are on standby waiting to assist based on your requirements if you need thatch installations or repairs in Weltevreden.
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Thatching Weltevreden offers you a wide range of thatching services to suit all your requirements

At Thatching Weltevreden we have learnt that most of our customers residing in and around Weltevreden have no idea how to go about getting a thatch roof installed due to a lack of information and we are here to provide you with all you need to ensure you get started with thatching the easy way!

At Thatching Weltevreden we offer our services to the general public and also cater for custom thatching services from the bottom up to give you the thatching you have always wanted. Our services are priced to go and that means you can afford our quality thatching services through flexible payment plans.

Thatching Weltevreden offers you the following services:

  • New Thatch Roof Installation
  • Custom Built Timber Trusses
  • Rational Designs on New and Existing Thatch Roofs
  • Thatch Consultation
  • Thatch Maintenance
  • Thatch Repairs
  • Thatch Fire Proofing

Thatching Weltevreden is prepared to assist you as a company or as an individual!

At Thatching Weltevreden we have had many customers who had already started on installing thatch roofs but require more specialized services to ensure that their DIY thatch project lasts as long as a professional constructed one. Thus, we provide private customers with ongoing support on their thatch roofing DIY projects for an extra hand you can afford.

At Thatching Weltevreden our staff members have been constructing thatch roofs from the ground up since the early 80’s and today we have one of the most skilled thatch technicians who supervises and quality assures all the projects we work on to ensure we live up to our commitment of quality thatching services for everyone!

Thatching Weltevreden will work with you to ensure you are covered by your insurance and that your risks are reduced!

Insurance Thatching Weltevreden
Insurance Thatching Weltevreden

Thatching Weltevreden is insured to cover any accidents or damages that can result while we are on the job. That’s why we can organize your insurance to cover your newly thatched roof, we work with your insurance company to ensure that ay factors that might increase your insurance is lowered significantly and you have peace of mind that any major accidents can be handled effectively.

Reduced Risk Thatching Weltevreden
Reduced Risk Thatching Weltevreden

Thatching Weltevreden takes all risk factors into consideration to ensure that all safety measures have been met, which include the following:

  • Thatch Fire Proofing
  • Drencher Systems
  • Careful Fire Place Designs
  • Dedicated Hose Reels

Are we the only company that can get your thatch roof covered by your insurance? At Thatching Weltevreden we are currently the only company able to work with your insurance company to lower the based rates and discounts on the above mentioned included risk reduction thatching services!

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At Thatching Weltevreden our thatching installers have been trained and are always supervised by our executive personnel who are dedicated to ensuring that all our customers get the highest quality built thatching and make sure you are 100% happy with our services. Call us today for a free quote and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have in mind