Thatch roof Johannesburg

Welcome to Thatch roof  Johannesburg where we have built our reputation on high quality product delivery and a high regard of our customers is the pinnacle of our thatch roofing success!

Quality Thatching  Johannesburg
Quality Thatching  Johannesburg

At Thatch roof  Johannesburg we are motivated by our customers and that is why we treat you like royalty because we understand that our reputation is governed by your impression of our workmanship and customer services.

Want to install a new thatched roofed building?

Looking for a team of engineers with thatching experience?

At Thatch roof  Johannesburg we know how scary it can be to get your new thatched building constructed. We make it all the more easier because our structural engineers design all our thatch roofs.

Our professional approach to thatching roofs is the main difference that sets us apart through quality!

Same Day Thatching  Johannesburg
Same Day Thatching  Johannesburg

At Thatch roof  Johannesburg we also provide same day thatching services which come into play as soon as all the required materials are gathered and a complete set of drawings have been approved by our clients and architects.

Thatch roof  Johannesburg offers the following services:

  • Thatching Installation
  • Thatching Repairs
  • Thatching Supply
  • Thatch Structural Designs
  • Drencher Pipes
  • Rational Fire Designs
  • Thatching Maintenance Services
  • Thatch Fire Proofing
  • Thatch Gutters
  • We use SABS Approved Materials Only!

 At Thatch roof  Johannesburg we also offer our customers a two year thatching guarantee and if that’s not enough we will extend it to years should you face any problems with your new thatched roof. Contact us for a free thatch roof quote today!