What People Have To Say About Thatching Johannesburg

Mr M. Bears

Thatching Johannesburg did an exceptional job on constructing our new thatched roof! When the guys first started installing the thatch roof we thought that this was a big mistake and we found out to beehive that you would build a thatch roof that looks like some of the one’s we sae on your portfolio. We are overly impressed by the strength, firmness and the quality workmanship that is shown through our thatch roof. Thank you very much please keep up the beautiful work.

Ms P. Reshu

Thatching Johannesburg offered to repair our thatched roof after a storm did the most with damaging it. Paul said that a well constructed thatch roof should be easily blown apart by a storm and taking into consideration that some of the storms we are experiencing are really powerful. Yes, you have provided us with a thatched roof that has survived 5 big storms this year without any major damages. Thank you!

Mr T. Mosiale

Thatching Johannesburg is one of a few companies that really takes care of its customers considering that for many of us it is the first time we are installing thatched roofs and it is easy for companies to rip us off but Daniel made everything clear and your quote included every little material needed for a getting my thatched roof constructed without any delays, thank you for the awesome customer services!

Mrs Y. Thanos

Thatching Johannesburg came to install my thatch roofing when I was at work and when I came back I found them already done, it was like you did it at a snap of a finger, great work to everyone at Thatching Johannesburg.

Mr W. Salornom

Thatching Johannesburg I would like to say thank you for the beautiful building you constructed for me and I personally feel that your prices are affordable compared to other quotes I received from other companies!

Mr N. Yunco

What an amazing work you have done using reeds, wow! Thank you Thatching Johannesburg for such a cost-effective and the beautiful work you have done speaks for itself.