Frequently Asked Questions at Thatching Johannesburg

Will a thatched roof keep the water out?

Yes! With effective compacting techniques and the steepness of the thatched roof it is easy for rain water to run down the roof without ever reaching the inside of the building.

Do I also have to install gutters which I normally don’t see on all thatched roofs?

No, the way we install thatched roofs, the thickness of the thatch is far enough to ensure that rain water does not fall near the walls of the thatched roof building and the water flows away from the building to the drainage system.

Is Thatching expensive to insure?

It depends on the safety measures that have been put in place. With enough safety measures there is no reason for your insurance company to charge you expensive premiums and we can help you ensure that.

How do you fix thatched roofs?

We use high quality galvanized nails, the reeds are tied, screwed or stitched to the roof and with a recoating material that is applied to the base.

What other roofs can be thatched?

All roofs can be thatched provided  that it is steep enough. A minimum of 45 degree angle is required to thatch a roof.

How long does it takes to install a Thatching and can it also include a chimney?

It depends on the size of the job, we have found that an average sized roof can take about two full days to thatch and if you are looking to add a chimney to your thatched building you will require it to be placed at a minimum height of 1.8 meters

How will I stop birds from pulling straws out of my thatched roof?

There are deterrents available that can be used to keep birds from pulling straw from your thatched roof. Most popular deterrents include the application of wire netting the thatched roof and bird pest control services.